Would you allow your postman to read your own letters, before they even got delivered in your letterbox? And yet, that’s what you are doing with your emails by using GMail.
Google collects your private data through its services: search engine, GMail, Chrome; Youtube… in order to sell these data as advertisement. The advertising market is worth 495 billion USD in 2013. Google’s turnover reached almost 60 billion USD in 2013. It means Google already captured more than 10% of the total advertising market, being only on the Internet!
Today, Google is n°1 in the world with its search engine, its Internet navigator, Chrome, Blogger, for blogs, Picasa for pictures sharing and YouTube for videos which has got 1 billion unique visitors per month and 6 billion videos downloaded per day. For reminder, more than 50% of the worldwide advertising market uses TVs. YouTube is going to be a fierce competitor for traditional TV channels, also, thanks to Chromecast device which make the TV connected to the Internet for 35 EUR.

Google would not give up to there, it would like to gather the Internet with the reel world. Therefore, Google knows everything about you through your Android smartphone as well as Google maps, and tomorrow, through your car. Today, Android is the 1st smartphone operating system with 78% market share. According to Gartner, by the end of 2014, 3 billion Android devices will have been activated. At the 2014 Google I/O conference, every day, Google stated 20 billion SMS are sent, 93 million selfies are taken, 100 billion times Android smartphones are operated by users and 1500 steps are detected… Android smartphones reinforce Google personal data collection from users.

The 20th century symbol of freedom will tell your rides to Google. What you are not telling your spouse or your siblings, Google will know it thanks to Android embedded into the car!

Then, Google’s aim would be to provide you with a car. A car that would make you use Google’s services and that would drive you in places where money can be earned ! Google would drive your daily routine…

What are the consequences of such a breaking in on our lives, on our jobs and on companies economically depending on the automotive industry?

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